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  • Photo crafts ideas: carving fruits

    Carving fruit  |  0 Commentphoto crafts ideas: carving fruits

    Today, Magimix - creators of copies of classical and well-known paintings, which use their works blend of fresh fruits and vegetables get from me the double approval: 2h'THUMBS UP '!!    

  • Salad “Snowdrops”

    Carving fruit, Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentsalad “snowdrops”

    Beef Liver-300g Champignons, 200g Bow-1pc Carrot-1pc Potatoes (var)-1pc (large) Eggs (var)-4pcs (3 egg yolks in a salad, three 1yaytso protein design Cheese-50-60g Vegetable oil for frying Mayonnaise. To decorate: onions for planting, a small piece of cooked liver, onions, dill. Mushrooms chop, fry in vegetable oil. Liver lightly fried in a pan and boil for some time, cool and grate on medium grater, mix with the mushrooms. Grate the carrot on a medium grater, cut the onion into small cubes, fry in vegetable oil. Three potato on a coarse grater, cheese in the middle. 3.-yolk eggs x three in a medium grater. Salad lay out the

  • Waste recycling services

    Carving fruit, Green crafts, Recipes, Recycle  |  0 Commentwaste recycling services

    Orange "roses" can be decorated with a fragrant mixture of dried flower petals Starting from the top of the fruit, cut away a thin strip of spiral peel.The upper edge of trying to capture the white stripes. Starting from the top, a strip rolled into a tight spiral. It turns out there is a blank roses Cooked fresh "rose" to put a piece of cardboard and place them on a radiator.It dries in about two days.Becomes solid, well-d Finished "Roses". If you peel an orange with a thick, after cutting the first layer, we cut off

  • Flowers from vegetables to decorate the holiday table!

    Carving fruit, Other crafts  |  0 Commentflowers from vegetables to decorate the holiday table!

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