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  • Boxes with New Year decorations

    Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Newyear's Eve, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentboxes with new year decorations

    The most common wooden caskets in the hands of a talented artist BlushingPeach become a smart, admirable things. The wizard uses several techniques for decorating caskets - decoupage, Laminated PVC fabric collage. Inside each box with a cloth and glued to each author put a beautiful designer piece of paper on which the calligraphy written congratulatory poems.   Each box attached legs that can be purchased in furniture or hardware stores. Besides fabric, the author uses ribbons, lace, brooches, chains, crystals, beautiful hinges and locks. This completes the decoration of a collage of artificial fir, painted

  • Scrap recyclers: Cardboard coffee

    Green crafts, Origami, Paper crafts, Recycle, Scrapbooking  |  0 Commentscrap recyclers: cardboard coffee

    It is true have no idea why this might be the case, and if I'll ever do it ... But why not, well, just for the love of art. But anyway I really like these cups!   Master-class in almost all the pictures. And they grow when you click and you can all look at everything What you need: Click here to download the template wallpaper paste or PVA thin cardboard - are well suited for cereal boxes or frozen pizza and a little thicker cardboard for the bottom The newspaper - it is good if there

  • recycling cardboard boxes

    Green crafts, Origami, Paper crafts, Recycle, Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentrecycling cardboard boxes

    Boxes of cardboard , But here you can download the user guide for the production of boxes: User , But here you can download the instructions for making: instruction

  • Christmas toys: recycling work

    Green crafts, Paper crafts, Recycle, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentchristmas toys: recycling work

    2008 (C) nika_po I (with the help of my dear husband) tried to do a little workshop. This simple but nice toy you can do with their children. A child 6 years old is already capable to cope with hot glue, and 3-year-old can do some operations (stick a sail, for example). 2008 (C) nika_po Tools and materials: Fabric treated with gelatin, or dense color paper Scissors Awl Wooden skewers Walnut shells Threads Hot glue 2008 (C) nika_po 1. We make the pattern of sails. Sail size depends on the size of shells and is selected empirically. In my, boat were small shells, and the sail turned

  • Gift boxs tutorial

    Green crafts, Origami, Paper crafts, Recycle, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentgift boxs tutorial

    Very simple, but cute candy-box. Similarly, you can make the package as a gift a little more. Husband in a long trip, so the pictures did itself and does not handle. Of course, he will be unhappy with the quality of my work, but really upset (and bonbonniere to the tree), then I'm afraid it will be too late to share. Materials: Cardboard, glue, scissors, knife, ruler, materials at hand as the round pattern, wrapping paper or napkins to decoupage, ribbons. Using a ruler and improvised round objects we draw here is such a scheme. Pushes

  • Recycling cardboard

    Easter's day, Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling cardboard

    2008 (C) nika_po I suggest you do one more fun packaging for a gift or bonbonniere. I first saw it fifteen years ago, and often return to it. Tools and materials: cardboard, corrugated paper, scissors, glue, wrapping paper, ribbons. Making the pattern of the cone, I have a quartered circle. Slightly cut the sharp tip. Cut a piece of cardboard colored or white (if we paste paper). Corrugated paper cut out template for "topper". Its width should be slightly higher than the upper edge of the cone, and the length of 1,5 times the length of the cone. Fold

  • Coffee Bag Necklace tutorial

    Cutting paper, Green crafts, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentcoffee bag necklace tutorial

      It’s true! To make your own, here’s what you’ll need: Coffee bags (I got 2 flowers out of each of my bags) 1 1/2 inch circle punch or template Felt Scrap fabric Buttons Bias tape or ribbon Glue Embroidery floss Fishing line Sewing needle Scissors Start by cleaning your coffee bags. Cut off the bottoms and cut them open along the side seam to open them up into a flat sheet, then wipe any residual coffee from the inside of the bag with a damp rag. Coffee bags come in so many different colors, which makes them perfect for making flowers! (I’ve

  • recycled cardboard box sculpture

    Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycled cardboard box sculpture

    I had to cut the shapes because a cardboard box is much too difficult to cut for a preschooler.  I used heavy duty scissors, but you could always use an exacto blade! The heavy duty scissors were quick and easy though! I asked Cassie what shapes she would like and I cut them as she told me! After the shapes were cut out Cassie painted all the shapes! She really enjoyed this! There were lots to paint! On one day Cassie painted the first side of the shapes and the next day she

  • Charm of the black cardboard. Paper art by Joe Bagley (Joe Bagley)

    Cutting paper, Green crafts, Kirigami, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentcharm of the black cardboard. paper art by joe bagley (joe bagley)

    Despite the fact that Joe Bagley archaeologist by training, he decided to devote himself does not specifically written in the diploma, and hobbies, who devoted all his spare time. Now the young man spends his free time on something else, as a hobby has become a favorite work, which brings not only pleasure but also a lot of money. And it creates these exquisite silhouettes, just armed with scissors and black paper :-)  

  • Herringbone of feathers

    Christmas's day, Green crafts, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Natural crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentherringbone of feathers

    To the coming New Year was an easy and happy you can find it with great herringbone of feathers. Weightless, fluffy, soft feathers, creating the effect of fresh snow - a unique décor can create just the nature. To create a Christmas tree will need cardboard, glue and pens. For decorating Christmas trees, you can use beads, bows, and any light and fine jewelry that you like. For a start, sort feathers, large fit for the lower tree. The edges of the feathers can be cut, giving them an acute form. Then glue

  • Baby crafts: Easy flower to make

    Making flower  |  0 Commentbaby crafts: easy flower to make

    Application for the children of cereals, from napkins - flowers, sunflowers For this application podanobitsya green construction paper, yellow tissue paper, a bit of buckwheat, glue and scissors. First, cut the cloth in half. Then we shall cut teeth - leaving neotrezannym small piece - about 0.5 - 1 cm for a single application will need 2 such Circuits. On a blank sheet and draw a circle on the edge, pre-lubricated with glue, glue the petals of a sunflower - a first layer, then a second - so sunflowers will be magnificent. Then