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Keywords: Cap with Osinki

  • Cap with Osinki

    Hats, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcap with osinki

    Yarn: 100% wool (50g/59m) Spokes: № 5 and № 5.5.Plotnost: 16 loops and 20 rows. Warning: If you change the color of the thread must cross to the hole is not formed. Description: The number to dial on the spokes of May 1984 loops and knit in garter st July ryadov.Dalee knitting needles № 5.5 stocking see diagram. Dec: in facial row * 9 persons., 2 persons together .* - and so on until the end of ryada.Iznan. row: purl petli.Lits. Range: * 8 persons. 2 together individuals .* -