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  • History of Brooches: Cameo, Intaglio, Rene Lilik …

    Beading and knotting, Fashion, Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  0 Commenthistory of brooches: cameo, intaglio, rene lilik …

    Brooch (Fr.) - an ornament, pin to your clothing This clasp differs from its predecessors,brooches and agraphia as a wealth of design and the attachment. With brooches could not onlyseal the gate or cover up the cut, but also to emphasize cleavage and bare neck. According to legend, brooches brought into fashion the court of Louis XIII lady Madame de Savigny. "Brooch Savigny" consisted of two parts: the top, reminiscent of the bow, fastened suspension. In vogue for a long time included large brooch of gold with large precious