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  • Embroidery cabochon tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Embroidery, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentembroidery cabochon tutorial

    We will learn from the example of a dichroic glass cabochon This would require this: Glue Bikonusy 3 mm Beads number 11 Beads number 15 Delica number 11 Cabochon Oval or teardrop-shaped beads Threads Needle Felt or leather Cabochon glue the piece of felt and begin to sew in a row in a circle Next, begin to braid cabochon round way brick   At the end of the braid using beads number 15 to get the screed and to cabochon not dropped out of the rim. Cut away excess skin or felt as close to the stitches of embroidery Derive a needle and thread up Glue another layer