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  • Embroider buttons!

    Beading and knotting, Sewing  |  0 Commentembroider buttons!

    Embroidery with buttons With cross-stitch pattern, we can embroider, decorate tablecloths and napkins, decorate the jars of jam and baby bibs, dress up a Christmas tree with unusual toys. But, alas, despite all the diversity, the moment comes when everything is pall, and you want something edakogo ... unusual. Here we can help embroidered buttons. In combination with the classic cross-stitch, it is nice to hit a variety of options and interesting result. Need to pick up unusual buttons, to give the original color embroidery. For example, a small button-bee revive flowering meadow, flowers, buttons adorn a

  • Buttons art attach on T-shirt

    Sewing  |  0 Commentbuttons art attach on t-shirt

      a little bit of a button explosion, but I think it turned out fun, and it was super easy and cheap! Want to make one?  Here's what I did: (with a little trick on buttons that maybe you didn't know about) What you'll need: -t-shirt -several buttons in your choice of color -sheer knit stabilizer (I got mine at Joanns) -iron, sewing machine, etc... 1.) Lay your buttons out on  your shirt so you know sort of how you want to arrange them (mine did not end up looking exactly this because I got a little crazy,