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  • Knitting bunny for Easter

    Amirugumi, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentknitting bunny for easter

    Brer Rabbit   This rabbit so easy to do that you'll never regret spent half an hour of his time.   In order to make such a lovely rabbit, you will need: Yarn sintepon Needle Spokes Scissors 1.For start you need to connect the spokes of the square. Size can be arbitrary. You can try provyazat 30 loops. 2. Using a very large running stitch, sew through the middle of the square (fold cloth in half for more accuracy), leaving an end without nodules (2-3 cm). 3. Sew the thread in one half of the square to make a triangle (as pictured) 4.