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Keywords: Bruin Bear

  • Cover for hangers crocheted “Bruin Bear”

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcover for hangers crocheted “bruin bear”

    You will need: Yarn Anchor MagicLine (100% cotton, 70 m/50 g) - 50 grams of blue, green and orange colors hook № 3,5-4, wooden hanger length of about 42 cm, 100 grams of wool. The density of knitting: 18 st. 6 / n - 10 cm basic pattern: the columns without trebles. Tie the base in two parts, starting from the sides toward the center, and then stitch the middle seam. Sew the head, fingers and ears on from ¬ delnosti, fill with cotton and sew in place. Base hanger: knit two-layer orange