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  • Basic knot tutorial: pictures

    Beading and knotting, Knotting  |  0 Commentbasic knot tutorial: pictures

    Braiding of the cord or wire. weaving beads Connection of two chainsChange the number of cords Method extension cords   Area 4-String Round weaving in 6 cordsCactus

  • Braid lace for dress tutorial

    Dress  |  0 Commentbraid lace for dress tutorial

      *This dress can also be completely sewn with a sewing machine.  Any step that I hand stitch, or glue, you would just do a straight stitch on you machine. ;) Supplies: A t-shirt or two needle thread glue gun Cut across the t-shirt from the bottom of one sleeve to the other.  This is going to be the main part of your dress.  Next, cut off the hem of the sleeves.  I cut about three inches above the hem.  From the remaining part of the shirt, cut 4 half inch strips across the width of the