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  • Bracelet made of fabric

    Jewelry making, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentbracelet made of fabric

    Bracelets for half an hour You there has been a celebration, you have already picked up clothes, you know what will be the haircut. And what to do with the decorations? Do not have time to buy? Let's make with their hands. We need: Bracelet-base. Fabric-burlap (or what is near at hand). Brooch. Bands. Superglue. Scissors. Tissue (in our case, we use tissue-burlap) fits the bracelet based on the glue. Carya sews up a hidden seam. In the middle of the bracelet and paste. But even sew ribbons, which closes the edge of the fabric. Now sew the appropriate ribbons, pins brooches to bracelets - festive