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  • Gift wrapping

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Origami, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentgift wrapping

    Translucent Wrapping Memorable Gift Wrap Prettier Boxes Fabric Envelopes Button Stamps Covered Matchboxes     Hanukkah Projects Japanese Newspaper Gift Wrap Asian Wrapping Paper   Collection

  • Cake for gift

    Origami, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentcake for gift

    Personally, I have a sweet tooth, so I just could not ignore this wonderful little box as a piece of cake, which his whole manner says: "Eat me!" How much time was spent searching for circuits, but in the end what I found, it is not evolved in the cake. Had "little" edit. For the manufacture of boxes you need: 1. Sheet of heavy paper for the foundation (I took the paper for business cards, but not too thin) 2. Skrapbumaga (can be of different types - it needs a little bit) 3.

  • Fold Origami Boxes

    Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  1 Commentfold origami boxes

    The ancient art of paperfolding originated in China in the first or second century A.D., and by the sixth century, it had reached Japan. At first, paperfolding was practiced only by the wealthy, because most people couldn't afford to buy paper. The material was scarce in those times, but by the 1300's, it was plentiful. Paper became available to everyone, so more and more people began making what the Japanese called origami (ori means to fold, and gami means paper). At the same time the Japanese were practicing this art form,

  • As an original pack bottle – ideas and tutorial

    Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentas an original pack bottle – ideas and tutorial

    Packaging of bottles, usually reduced to a simple and all known variants: a bottle wrapped in transparent film crunchy and tied a bow. Meanwhile, there are many other ways a beautiful package, including a colorful gift paper. Consider some of them. Be sure before you take on expensive paper, practice on plain paper! For example, for this purpose, well suited newspaper.   Option 1. Extravagant packaging. You will need: a soft stretch wrapping paper and decorations. Colored ribbon. For decoration, "accordion" You can use paper and a contrasting color. Sequence of actions: a bottle wrap

  • Folding Boxes: origami books

    Books, Cards, Magazine, Origami, Other crafts, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentfolding boxes: origami books

    Japanese Journal of box for gifts    

  • Folding A box for gifts tutorial

    Cards, Origami, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentfolding a box for gifts tutorial

    Just to give a gift it is banal, but give it a beautiful package made by the hands - it always makes an impression! The idea of ​​such boxes is not new and I do not claim copyrights. Such boxes for gifts, I saw many foreign masters and decided to also try to make a similar   For the manufacture of such boxes we potrebuyutya following materials and tools: paper (this can be paper, watercolors, pastels, dense skrapbumaga - one condition: it must not be too hard or too thin,

  • Boxes of postcards: tutorial video

    Cards, Origami, Other crafts, Paper crafts, Video, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentboxes of postcards: tutorial video

    Quick, simple and easy to fold box! Can be nice to give some detail, and simply store the can. barrettes! Video, anyone interested:

  • Small paper boxes for gifts and souvenirs

    Cards, Origami, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentsmall paper boxes for gifts and souvenirs

    Somehow, the photograph is written "for threads. But personally I think that for small gifts - the most it! Very good upakovochki. And under the cut still is, yes premilenkie. And with the match.   A box of butterfly check it out? How cute. And what I particularly like - rounded edges - here's a box-heart. Nakucheryavil edge - and here's a box of butterfly.  

  • Making a box tutorial

    Cutting paper, Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a box tutorial

    Make a quick and easy box for small things, gifts 1. You want us to take the paper from which you want to make a box, paper can be anything that bends, sginaetsya and keeps the shape of a very thick, like cardboard, it will not work. In my example, used the remnants of wallpaper. 2. Make a lid for the box. Cut the piece of paper. I did the example of 20x20 cm 3. Cut square 4. Rascherchivaem on wrong side of the paper diagonally from corner to corner 5. Sginaem corner like

  • Making a box for money

    Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a box for money

    Prepare for the manufacture of boxes: Of white paper for drawing square 11x11 cm 2shtuki square 13x13 cm 2shtuki From the pink box (bought in the "Black River") square 10x10 cm 1 piece square 18x18 cm 1 piece rectangle of 10.2 x26, 5 cm 1 pc rectangle 10.2h2 cm 1 piece rectangle 10x20 cm 1 piece .................................................. .................. begin ............................... .............................. 1.promazyvaem glue and paste the squares into squares 11x11 13x13 departing from the edges of 1 cm 2.Obrezaem corners at an angle 45gradusov, retreating from a smaller square of 2-3 mm 3.zagibaem edge. 4.na rectangle 10.2h26.5 be marked at a distance of 2.1