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  • Sewing BLANKET-transformer tutorial

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentsewing blanket-transformer tutorial

    You will need: cotton fabric 180 cm and a width of 140-150 cm, sintepon (size depends on the number of layers in the calculation, use the size of pattern blankets), 50 cm rubber bands, 1 meter Bakey slash and two zip: solderless length of 50-55 cm and the usual 20-25 cm         Details: blanket - 2 pieces; pocket - 2 pieces;   Order of work:   Draw a pattern "pocket." To carve out parts blankets and a pocket of tissue with SEAM 1-1,5 cm, and a layer of padding polyester. Fold the face parts "pocket" and Sew along the side, where