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  • Bird of Happiness from birch bark.

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentbird of happiness from birch bark.

    Bird of Happiness from birch bark - it is a simple product, where you can learn the basic techniques of processing of birch bark. For example, cut, rasslaivaneie, chipping the edges of the semicircular cutter, punching, stamping and carving. Model for our birds were the well-known bird of happiness, made of pine shingles. Our birds can vary by level of difficulty. First level. The bird made no thread. It can be decorated with embossed or burning. The second level. Bird with a slit. This bird is decorated with long slits

  • Recycling work: Flowers from birch bark.

    Green crafts, Natural crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling work: flowers from birch bark.

    Flowers made of birch bark - this is where we start training. And the first master-class - it's usually the same colors. Manufacturing of color is quite easy, but gives an idea about the properties of birch bark and methods of processing it. Of the tools we need only scissors, scalpel and glue "Moment." You should begin with making a template. Cut out the cardboard template-petal. You can cut it and made of birch bark, and then just cut around. These lobes, we need five or six. Now you need to choose the