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Keywords: beading art

  • Unique favor: Art and craft with bead

    Beading and knotting, Other crafts  |  0 Commentunique favor: art and craft with bead

    APPLIED ART Yarinich Tatiana - Landscape dizayner.Uvlechenie - embroidery patterns with beads on their own eskizam.Vse my pictures are copyright rabotami.Ya a party to many exhibitions , including the V All-Russian Exhibition "Embroidered picture" that took place in the spring of 2007 in Moscow. summer's day.Childhood butterfly. (A series of small butterflies). Nitsa.Buhta angels. Spring in the City

  • Handbags by Judith Leiber : art work

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commenthandbags by judith leiber : art work

      Judith Peto was born in 1921 in Budapest, Hungary. The Second World War interrupted her plans to go to Kings College in London, where she wanted to study chemistry. During the war, she learned the craft of manufacturing of bags, and became the first woman accepted into the guild Hungarian manufacturers of bags.       At the end of the war, Judith met Gerson Liberian, American Sgt. It was love at first sight. They soon married, and in 1947 a couple immigrated to the United States to his native city Gerson of New York. There, Judith worked for

  • Poncho with a vertical pattern

    Knitting, Needle crafts, Scarves  |  0 Commentponcho with a vertical pattern

    Size: 38 You will need: 650 grams of white yarn Mondial Merino Special (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 79 m/50 g), straight spokes № 6, the auxiliary arm Bubble gum (an odd number of loops): 1-p. (On izn. Side): all persons. 2 nd p.: 1 izn .. * 1 individuals. twin (1 persons. out of the loop preceding p. corresponding to the first item on the left spokes), 1 izn .* repeat from * to *; third p.: repeat rapport with 1 p. The pattern of crossing (width 33 para): knit the scheme. The density of knitting. Bubble gum:

  • Crocheted braids tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Crochet, Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrocheted braids tutorial

    Crocheted braids are one of the traditional techniques of beading, having learned that you can create an infinite variety of decorations. That technique allows knitting to weave such a bundle, in which beads will lie very neat rows, even if it is not well calibrated. In addition, woven braids perfectly keep their shape, they are soft, flexible, and simply pleasant to the touch. All pictures are clickable (when you grow) To learn how to tie a bundle we need: • Seed Beads size 8, two colors (in our case, black and green) - it is

  • Two-sided pendant with Celtic ornament

    Bead embroidery, Beading and knotting, Embroidery, Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commenttwo-sided pendant with celtic ornament

    1. Materials: - Dense cloth - Polyester yarns in the tone of the material or beads - Needle for beads - Pins - Paper (not thick, you can tetrad sheet) - Beads of choice - Scissors - Marker and chalk - Pencil - Compass  2. Preparation of templates. On paper, compasses hold a circle with a diameter of 5.5 cm inside draw the contours of the future pattern. Cut out a pattern. 3. Attach the pattern to the fabric, pin it with pins and draw a marker or crayon. Cut the contour of the workpiece from the tissue. 4.Primetayte template to zagotovke.Vysheyte pattern outline. Cloth material rather loose, and zavyazany

  • Margo Field: Beads, braiding

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentmargo field: beads, braiding

    Margot At the most delicate flowers ... everything is natural, as if no beads at all, but a real prairie, strekozki, wildflowers. Is the case when the caller does not need a design, all just ... looks simple, but with some taste!

  • Super bead bracelet scheme: beadie bead bracelet

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentsuper bead bracelet scheme: beadie bead bracelet

  • Weave bead tie tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentweave bead tie tutorial

    By popular demand. Materials: 1. Scheme of a tie. At the very fact, and no circuit pattern (that is, improvisation) can play a positive role, but to calculate the number of beads in a row, and the proportion of reducing your responsibility. Therefore, it is always better to have ready an empty template scheme. In this master class, I will show a tie netting of large beads, it's easier and faster. Remember that, depending on the size of beads, the scheme should always be changed!  2. Machine. His version of I've laid out in useful tips, so that the paint

  • Beaded “fur” tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentbeaded “fur” tutorial

    NEW from Natalino. I present the promised master class on my bracelet. That's why I saw this bead "fur" that vozdushka sewn on the diagonal grid lines. The basis for the product serves as a grid. In the presented products used beads 8 / 0 and the grid from the key to the key beads score at 5, and 3 beads. Please note that sewn vozdushka expand a little more product. On the grid, in my opinion, it makes no sense to take small beads, although initially the development of this technology, I tried

  • Beading rectangle bracelet

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentbeading rectangle bracelet

  • Beaded Garden – Journal of beading

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentbeaded garden – journal of beading


    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentattaching locks beaded products tutorial

    For the manufacture of beads often (almost always) use the fittings.For fittings and include locks. Locks come in many different forms. Longitudinal locks: Coming out of the last bead products, recruit one more, pass through the handle of the lock and just typed beads back to the last bead products (Fig. 1 a). After this, we collect a bead on the other side of the product, we pass through the handle of the castle and return to typed beads in the last bead products (Fig. 1 b). Thus, attach a lock in the