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Keywords: Beaded ornaments

  • Beaded ornaments: Beads and berries from SILICONE

    Beading and knotting, Other  |  0 Commentbeaded ornaments: beads and berries from silicone

    I suggest you master class on making beads of acetic silicone construction (acidic silicone sealant).When buying a sealant in mind that apart from sale of silicone are other (urethane, acrylic, etc.), whose properties are in the scope of this article.So, if you bought in the economic or hardware store silicone sealant clear (you can even buy white and also its touch up, or blue, red or black, to which the dye can not be added), opened it and smelled of vinegar - you just bought one about which we shall

  • Beaded ornaments: Holding curtain

    Beading and knotting, Other  |  0 Commentbeaded ornaments: holding curtain

    Tiebacks East is impossible without an abundance of fabrics - patterned transparent light or dense, but always beautiful.Curtains, canopies, curtains support Holders luxurious, decorated with gold beads, or patterned. Marianne Miruliyan and Alexander Kaporskaya Graduate school of design studio "Details".We started with decorating the clothing, creating original models from the ordinary, unremarkable stuff.Gradually, the artist's interest in interior design, and today on their account a lot of serious work.Love the fast changing environment - their persistence is not attractive.It is believed that this does not necessarily make repairs.Just add a few cute little