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  • gift for easter

    Beading and knotting, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other  |  0 Commentgift for easter

        Materials and tools 1. Beads 2. Float fishing foam (for networks), height 4 cm 2. The line thickness of 0,17-0,2 mm 3. A needle for beads 4. Scissors     Step 1 1. Prepare a float, giving it the shape of an egg (hereinafter - the blank): put it upright and press gently to the surface of the table.     Step 2 1. Scourge openwork grid - based. You can weave the basis on the line (0,17-0,2 mm) or filaments (LL 35, 45). Details of registration it is desirable to spin on the line. 2. We collect 32 beads, and enter the bead