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  • Necklace made of silk and bead tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentnecklace made of silk and bead tutorial

    And maybe satin or vice versa flax ... What style, the spirit of jewelry you closer. Photo master class on a necklace made of fabric and beads: . .           flamingotoes.com

  • Dragonfly Bead tutorial

    Jewelry making, Other  |  0 Commentdragonfly bead tutorial

    So, for the work we need: wire, beads, 2 small beads and wire (can be bought at the same place and beads), scissors, ruler and tweezers. На стол лучше подстелить светлое полотенце или какую-то другую плотную ткань, тогда, если случайно рассыпите бисер -он не раскатится по всему столу )) On the table is better podstelit light towel or some other thick cloth, then, if by chance rassypite beads, he bursts all over the table)) Take the piece of wire 16 cm and are strung on it 2 beads and 1