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  • Money oak – wood bead tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Making flower  |  0 Commentmoney oak – wood bead tutorial

    Beautiful tree To crown the money tree you will need: green beads - approximately 200 grams.; copper wire;  Coin (You can also add beads, imitation acorns); floral tape or thread floss; pliers. For the frame will need: thick aluminum wire thickness of 3 mm.; masking tape (you can use other materials for wrapping the trunk and give it volume). pliers. To visualize the shape of the barrel, you can draw a sketch. So much easier. You can just make the frame, and you can fasten on a single branch. Leaves. To get started on a wire stringing a lot of beads, so do faster and

  • Beading rose plant tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Making flower  |  0 Commentbeading rose plant tutorial

    s Means so three loops of nine beads on one end of a wire strung seven beads and threaded through the middle beads at petli.Posle which, on a wire strung two beads, and the average bead threaded through the middle loop, the same way through the outermost loop, and Sem beads, fixed at the bottom lepestka.Posle what, five of these leaves, or seven, are interconnected, only the inner petal skruchevaetsya as buton.K finished flower attached green listiki.Nu and herbs herself, frantsusskoe netting (just starting from the second row leaves recorded at