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  • Baskets for gifts: sewing tutorial

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentbaskets for gifts: sewing tutorial

    Very often a lot going needlewomen segments of different fabrics, yarn or anything else.Sometimes even they have nowhere to expand. Of course, plastic bags have already been created, but they crumple the fabric. So I suggest you the master class, how to sew here are handmade boxes for details. We will need: 1. 5 segments of the same fabric (20 x 20 cm).  2. 5 segments of the other tissues (20 x 20 cm.)  3. Scissors.  4. A piece of transparent, soft plastic.  5. Sewing needles.  6. Sewing machine. To begin with - to sew plastic piece of fabric on three sides. It is necessary for an