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  • Decorating New Year’s table

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Home and garden, Newyear's Eve  |  0 Commentdecorating new year’s table

    Gorgeous palette of colors used to decorate the New Year's table, create a special celebratory mood in the New Year's Eve.   The first image table in colorful Emeralds. In the center of the table in clear glass vase salad and blue balloons and decorative peacock feathers, which symbolize the growth, reputation and move forward. If you can not pick up the appropriate colors in the store, you can make yourself a holiday package. Balls painted with acrylic paint in appropriate colors and cover with several layers of glossy varnish. Need for tablecloths white cloth, which

  • Paper flowers for banquet

    Cards, Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Parties  |  0 Commentpaper flowers for banquet

    These colors can make yourself and it does not require any financial costs.       Source   Offer a small master class on making a flower out of paper. We will need colored paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, compass or a round object (plate) for stroke. Draw a circle with a diameter of 135 mm. Draw and cut another 6.8 laps to flower was lush. Each following circle must be less than the previous one by 5-10 mm. If not draw a compass, you need to determine the center of the circle. To do this we add a circle in half twice. The

  • Easter Birthday!

    Birth's day, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  0 Commenteaster birthday!

    Today I'm sharing a few photos a sweet customer sent me of a party that I designed the printables for. Little Ella was celebrating her 6th birthday, and with it being so close to Easter, her mom, Andrea, decided to go with an Easter theme and use my Bunny Birthday collection as a good starting place. The party was held at Twin Oaks Fun Farm where the kids enjoyed lots of fun activites like riding ponies, picking strawberries, feeding animals, hunting eggs, stuffing bunnies and playing on the farm's huge playground. Can you

  • Paper Wedding Cones: Butterflies cut

    Kirigami, Making flower, Wedding day  |  0 Commentpaper wedding cones: butterflies cut

    Chelsea used pages from a vintage poetry book as a stunning background for this amazing bridal shoot r. Materials: 1. Paper punch While cutting shapes freehand is an alternative if you’re only planning to make a small number of cones, making them in larger quantities is much simplified by the use of a paper punch. The one shown is from the Martha Stewart Crafts line. For a variation you might consider alternate shapes – like leaves, flowers, etc. 2. Vintage sheet music Old papers with music or text lend a true vintage feel to