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  • Fashion bag for summer

    Bags, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentfashion bag for summer

    Knitting from the St. Petersburg Iris in two threads, crochet number 3.Ushlo little more than 500g. 1.Vyazhem oval donyshko.U my initial number = 45 ce a p.podema The size of the finished 15X 28,5 sm.Po perimeter-170p. 2.Priutyuzhivaem bottom and sticking dublirin.Na this stage, do not forget to circle the bottom of a finished t.e.sdelat pattern for the lining and strengthens the bottom. 3.Prodolzhaem knitting. In each loop pred.ryada to 2 st.b / Mr. Get-340p. Next, knit in a circle without the increases of the height = 27.5 cm 4.Zakladyvaem folds. Allocate

  • Recycling plastic: bag made of plastic and crochet

    Bags, Crochet, Green crafts, Needle crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling plastic: bag made of plastic and crochet

    1.Pervy time in his life produced a handbag - it will be another gift, which I hope to enjoy 2.Vyazala bag in the master class: http://md-zadina.ru/news/sumochka-i...yx-butylok.html . But there is not a handbag, a beautician. A friend saw that I started doing something new and asked for her to photograph the process. So I thought why not lay out his version of making handbags 3.Iz plastic bottles cut 34 squares of size 6 * 6 cm and a few strips for handles and decorative top of the bag. Use hole punch