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  • Knitted baby: Baby TIGHTS

    Baby, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentknitted baby: baby tights

    Size 0-8 m (10-24) m. 70-90 grams 100% wool.       Dial 42 (46) sts and knit 15 (17) series rubber 1x1, then go to inside surface of both knit and 24 (28) ryadov.Potom start reducing, closing at 2 loops at each end of each persons ryadu.Vsego decrease of 4 decrease in the loop ryadu.Povtorit 8 raz.Na spmtse will be 10 (14) sts.   Knit exactly 12 (14) of the series and start on a uvelichenie.Uvelichit loop at each end of every row 3 times those 1 time for 3 loops with Cadle edge in