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  • how to make paper bag: baby making

    Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commenthow to make paper bag: baby making

    We need: Rectangle: 10h28 cm (base bag) Rectangle: 8h13 cm (bottom) Rectangle: 4x5 cm (pocket) stripes: 2x20 cm - 2. (Pens) polosochka: 1h28 cm (the edge of a handbag) The most difficult thing - to make the bottom of the bag. Measured from 2 cm from the edge and make a zagotovochku. Using materials at hand paint the oval edge bottom and cut out. Next stitch and sew items. Here's how it looks to me. Now glue the base bag. Seam gluing 2 cm up on the perimeter we get 26 cm Bend handbag this way. The bottom of

  • Baby crafts: Easy flower to make

    Making flower  |  0 Commentbaby crafts: easy flower to make

    Application for the children of cereals, from napkins - flowers, sunflowers For this application podanobitsya green construction paper, yellow tissue paper, a bit of buckwheat, glue and scissors. First, cut the cloth in half. Then we shall cut teeth - leaving neotrezannym small piece - about 0.5 - 1 cm for a single application will need 2 such Circuits. On a blank sheet and draw a circle on the edge, pre-lubricated with glue, glue the petals of a sunflower - a first layer, then a second - so sunflowers will be magnificent. Then

  • Filipino Christmas Stars tutorial

    Christmas's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentfilipino christmas stars tutorial

    Here is our first star frame all lined up. The balsa wood strips are all equal lengths, woven together and secured at the points with small rubber bands. We made two of these. See? The ends secured with rubber bands. I had a hard time locating tiny rubber bands - so I picked up a multi-pack and wound the band several times. Next year I'll go to a beauty/hair supply store and see if I can find any. Next we secured the criss-crossed segments with twisty ties: We took both star sections pieces

  • Paint Chip Craft Fun Tutorials.

    Cutting paper  |  0 Commentpaint chip craft fun tutorials.

    Which led me to making an even simpler matching game. All I did for this was take a 1 1/2 in square paper punch and made 16 pairs of different shades of coloured paint chips. I used a wavy edge square so the corners wouldn't be so sharp. If you don't have any punches you could simply cut the rectangles off of the paint sample. Then I stored them in a small container that scrapbook embellishments came in which I had been saving for who knows how long, waiting for the perfect

  • Easy making for Kids

    Knotting, Video  |  0 Commenteasy making for kids

    How to make a bracelet from hair elastic: If you sell jewelry at craft shows then you'll know from the kids hovering around that the love of bling starts early. But what if the little girls you know are too young or you don't really want them to delve into your bead collection?  Here is a solution - colorful bracelets made from inexpensive hair elastic. You can buy those in large packets at the dollar store. Children can easily make multiple bracelets themselves and their friends. The technique is the same for