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  • Crafts classes!

    Garden, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Home and garden  |  0 Commentcrafts classes!

      Painted wood. Risovalki on the fabric. Multi-colored paper. Buttons, ribbons. Embroidered romance. Shemki embroideries.  

  • Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial

    Hallooween's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentaqua gem halloween fun tutorial

    Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial Add water and they start expanding!  I ended up filling about six good sized jars with two little bags. The longer they sit in water the larger they get...up to 1/2 inch in size. The best part is.. the color won't bleed.  Say....if your 3 year old knocks them over...all you have to clean up is water and a gazillion balls! :) We decided to fill our vases with scary little plastic creatures.  My boys were in heaven! They thought this was the "coolest" craft we have ever made!? They couldn't