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Keywords: and then hand it off to me to paint the outside so his hands wouldn’t “get so messy.” That didn’t work so well – the not getting messy. But tempera paint is great because it cleans up so well with soa

  • Egg Carton Wreath tutorial

    Christmas's day, Making flower, Painting, Recycle  |  0 Commentegg carton wreath tutorial

    We used the flat top and sides of the egg carton to make leaves. After everything was cut into shapes, I had The Boy sit down with some tempera paint and get busy. I LOVE those beautiful Waldorfy wooden paint boards, but I'm a stickler for frugality and repurposing old objects. We use old cookie sheets as painting boards. The side benefit of the cookie sheets is that they hold water spills beautifully. Our tempera paint was limited to 5 colors. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White. Using small,