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  • African earrings – Crochet tutorial

    Crochet, Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentafrican earrings – crochet tutorial

    Today we offer you to create yourself a new fixture - the so-called African earrings! They are knitted very quickly and easily. And most importantly - earrings perfectly fit in your beach wardrobe.         So, get started!     We need: remnants of cotton thread, round blanks for earrings 22 buttons fastener, Pliers.     Step 1: Orange thread binds the basis of next sc. Step 2: The second row of sc knit scheme * 1 sc, 1 sc with a button (repeat until the end of the series).     With Pliers bend the ring fastener, thread it through the loop on and bend to its initial position.African