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  • Crocheted baby blanket: roses pattern

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrocheted baby blanket: roses pattern

  • Rugs Kit (scheme)

    Baby, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentrugs kit (scheme)

    1. Plaid with birds. Size 90x90 cm Threads white Kartopu Bebe 200 - gone 350 g beige and blue - Orlis Linda approx 100 grams each color, the rest - the remnants of acrylic Hook № 4 Description 2. Flower fields 3. Snowflakes 4. Bundles on a blue and white 5. Contrasting zig-zags 6. Triumph of the white 7. Summer Garden 8. Elegant stripes 9. Delicate violet 10. Daisies 11. Roses in the Snow 12. Embossed seashells 13. Plaid from Kruglikov Here, designer Wendy Harbaugh has posted step description. 14. Plaid 15.Pokryvalo 16. Bedspreads       Hosted by using H - Photographer 17. Plaid Thanks for the translation of Berry-Malinka  

  • How to connect knitted squares into a single fabric

    Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commenthow to connect knitted squares into a single fabric

      Imposing the necessary number of small squares for the rug, let's get down to their connections. From a motive vyvyazhem three air loop. Next - 3 air-loop motif 2, 2 column with trebles. Next - 3 column with a double crochets in the 1-th motif. And keep the connection motifs with 3 columns with trebles before the end of two motives.   What qualities are inherent in leaders? How to behave, to become a leader in a certain situation? Read this blog about leadership - Situational leadership .   First, connect the motifs in horizontal stripes. And then in

  • Crochet afghan for baby

    Blanket, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrochet afghan for baby

    Of the motives //