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T-shirts with “faces” of animals. Fashionable art from “The Mountain”.

Fashion, Funny, Other crafts  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

Tell me what you t-shirt and I’ll tell you who you are) a good tool for psychologists)

T-shirts are sewn from 100-th cotton without any inscriptions, and are puschie nonsense, just $ 20, for designer clothing is not expensive.

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt1 (600x524, 50Kb)

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt2 (600x525, 55Kb)


3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt3 (600x524, 64Kb)

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt4 (600x524, 64Kb)

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt5 (600x524, 75Kb)

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt6 (600x524, 63Kb)

3518263_AnimalsfacesTshirt7 (600x524, 66Kb)


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