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Swimsuit Fashion for summer: How to choose a swimsuit on a figure

Fashion  |  August 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Swimsuit Fashion for summer

How to choose a swimsuit on a figure

Swimwear offers a large variety of swimwear, so it is always possible to choose the type of swimsuit figures. A good swimsuit will make you visually slimmer shape and proportionate. Choosing a swimsuit, pay attention to the quality of welds and paint durability. Pick up a few models during the fitting and try out each: lean, crouch, his arms, walk. If you never shakes and everything is in place – swimsuit sits well. If you are the owner of a perfect shape, do not put too bright bathing suit – it just divert attention away from your figure. Evening swimsuit Dolce & Gabbana What to do if your shapes are the disadvantages? Here several recommendations: Small breasts you suit bathing suits with underwired cups and / or inserts to give volume. Pay attention to the model with draped bodice and strapless models. Bust can give them with ruches and folds. Visually enhance the breast image, especially large. Pale or bright bathing suit in the chest with a darker and darker bottom straps make breasts more visually. Will look well with a strapless bodice with horizontal patterns. Choose, for example, an actual band. Avoid   dark top, misshapen bowls, ill-fitting bodice. Emam  Large breasts make breasts less visually by using a dark top. The lower part of the swimsuit can be a light and / or a bright pattern. Choose underwired cups with wide shoulder straps. If you want to emphasize the beauty of the breast, you can help model “Angelica.” Avoid  bathing suits from fine fabrics with narrow shoulder straps, with shapeless cups. You will not do large drawings and shiny fabrics in the neck. Zimmermann  overweight in the first place, note the fused swimwear and swimsuits with high heat. Cutout panties to her thighs to be average. Waist inserted in a cut bathing suit will help correct the shape, but choose a swimsuit should be strictly on the size. Widely spaced straps and plunging neckline leotard neckline will help to make the figure more slender. The vertical parts (figures, joints, bars) to help visually remove some excess weight. Avoid  tiny bathing suits, narrow straps, horizontal patterns, large prints and shiny fabrics. Jessika Allen JETS by  narrow, sloping shoulders will suit swimsuit with a small cut in the neck with wide-set straps. You can choose a swimsuit strapless or thin straps swimsuit with a light color. Leaf is desirable to choose a swimsuit with a bright cross pattern, the lower part, there may be dark and monochromatic. Avoid  bathing suits with deep V-neck, as well as models with a wide collar, give up the vertical bars at the top of the leotard. La Perla  broad shoulders to narrow the Visually shoulders will help swimwear with a V-shaped or rounded necklines. You choose models with wide straps or vivid, which are fastened around the neck. Avoid  bathing suits with details on their shoulders, small notches neckline, wide-set straps. Jessika Allen JETS by White Label  Wide hips, heavy bottom you will suit bathing suits with bright horseback or riding with a catchy patterns, ruffles and wide-set straps. The bottom of the swimsuit should be dark and smooth. You can choose prints with graphic patterns (diagonal or vertical stripes, zig-zagom, etc.) that will make a figure slimmer. Will help to make slimmer figure, and two-color leotard, where the center heats darker and lighter sides. If your skin is in good condition and a bit overweight, you can choose heat-tango. Avoid  bright shiny fabric at the bottom of the leotard and horizontal patterns. I do not recommend swimming trunks, shorts choice, they emphasize the disproportionate figures. Norma Kamali  Short neck Choose swimsuits with a deep V-neck or strapless. Avoid  bathing suits with a small cut or buckles, which embraces the neck, horizontal stripes at the top of the leotard. Diane von Furstenberg  short, short legs make legs longer, use the swimsuit with high cut-outs on the thighs in batches. Low for women with curvaceous encouraged to wear bathing suits single cut with a vertical pattern. Visually lengthen legs solid swimsuit with high cut-outs on the sides. Avoid:  you do not like swimsuits with cutouts on the hips low, and heat-shorts, they make your legs even shorter. You should not wear bikinis and swimming trunks are very narrow, so as not to create horizontal lines in your silhouette. Zimmermann  Tall slim figure The owner can afford to bikinis, bras, strapless Bando and heat-shorts. Miu Miu  Short / broad waist Choose bathing suits with vertical lines, model swimsuits with long inserts in different colors will make your waist slimmer. Supportive underwired bra lift the breasts, distracting from the waist. Avoid  belts and horizontal detail at waist level. Missoni Mare  hands full - Your task is to distract attention from them. Choose a swimsuit with bright pictures and details. On the shore, use large bangles on their wrists. We Are Handsome  choosing a swimsuit, look at the composition of the tissue Taktel (tac) -  Lycra blend and knitted fiber. The material is characterized by flexibility, softness and breathability. Swimwear from taktelya very quickly dry up and the sun and the shadows. polyamide (pa) -  a dense, soft, flexible, and quick-drying fabric, which is great, “pulls” the shape. Characteristics similar to those of polyamide taktelya, but this fabric has a great shine. Lycra (lycra) -  supple, durable, great sprawling man-made fiber. Buying a swimsuit, make sure that the material contains lycra (20 – 30%). Microfibre (Microfiber)  - silky to the touch, elastic fabric that breathes well and dries quickly. Suitable for sophisticated pieces. Polyester (res)  - fabric, used for budget models.Swimwear Polyester does not burn out, but wear out quickly and dry out long enough. swimsuits sizes are denoted by letters:  S (Small) – Small (up to 44th); M (medium) – Medium (46-48); L (large) – large (48-50);XL (extra large) – very large (50-52); XXL – on the 52nd. swimsuits with solid cups can have a dual marking size bathing suit + number of cups (the size of your bra). Any swimsuit should dry as quickly as possible.Evening swimsuits are not used for swimming – consider their usual weekend clothes. Swimsuit Rinse in fresh water after every swim, and he ought to preserve the brightness of colors. In preparation for the trip to the sea do not forget the beach bag, comfortable sandals and sunglasses!