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Sweet sugar hearts

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Mother's day, Parties, Valentine's day, Wedding day  |  February 27th 2012  |  0 Comment

These sweet valentines and women’s day gifts or decoration for a festive meal. After cooking – it is also a kind, hand made, so why not approach the creative process and not to please your favorite goodies and beautiful from the heart?

We need:

- 2 cups sugar;
- 4 teaspoons egg white;
- Food coloring into a paste;
- A large cutting board, baking tray or other flat surface covered with baking paper and pastry molds for cutting the desired shape and size.


- Small and medium bowl;
- Silicone spatula for mixing;
- Rolling pin;
- Measuring spoons and cups;
- A package with a lock;
- Butter knife.

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