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Sunflower ribbon tutorial

Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  April 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Sunflower ribbon tutorial

Nicole and I got carried away with Halloween crafts yesterday.  We have so much fun working together.  My hands are stained with black spray paint and Nicole has several blisters from the glue gun! We have some cute ideas but need to finish completing them. Before the Halloween projects start, I wanted to craft something with sunflowers.  I see them popping up all over town, and I love sunflowers.
I made these using the burning technique that is so popular.
I used a mix of satin and organza.
I cut circles in different sizes and clipped all the edges.
Some sides were singed more than others but I think I kinda like the look of it.
Next I used ribbon and twisted it in a circle adhering with hot glue.  The proper way should have been tohand stitch it all.  I was feeling too impatient to hand stitch, but hot glue can be disastrous!  I gooped it in a couple of places.
I don’t have little girls to make barrettes or headbands and I might look silly wearing one of these, so I made magnets.  I love magnets.  They look so pretty and festive in my kitchen on the magnet board.
I made two more with an organza polka dot ribbon.
Cute.  Now, back to the Halloween crafting! :)

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