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Stylish hair for women

Hair  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Easy No-Heat Curls tutorial

This month I did a test- the sock bun v. the elastic headband. The trick, you have very lightly damp hair, and put them up in one of these two methods to get lovely curls in the morning.
First- the sock bun
This video here explains it more! I wont take credit away from her awesome videos!
Me the night before!
After I slept
Pulled it out
Very curly! It was a little too kinky curly for me. But I’ve heard AMAZING reviews, so you should still try it! It would be great for a curly side pony…for sure!
Now for the elastic headband curls! Here is another great video for this one.
I didnt have an elastic headband, so as always….I go to my handy tshirt scrap bucket, and cut off a sleeve from a tshirt. A perfect headband!
Once again the night before
Wide awake!
And with it pulled out
Now this one I styled a little, and it worked GREAT!!!
The sock bun, I would wear that all day if I wanted to shower in the morning, wear it that day, wear it at night, and have curly hair the next day. Its a look I can rock even if I’m not doing it for the next day curls
Although the lady in the video said she would rock the hair elastic in the morning….I’m not sure if I am secure enough for that! But this was SUPER comfortable to sleep on, and it had no problem staying in all night!
Both of these only take about 5 minutes to do at night….so either way….its a win-win!
Source: threeyearsofdeath.blogspot.com