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Street Art Street. American Crystal Gregory adorns the city … lace, crochet.

Crochet, Other crafts  |  August 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Knit graffiti Magda Sayeg inspired other artists to join in a fascinating journey through the beautification of their homes comfortable and unusual decor.

Make a homeliness in a concrete-featureless stone buildings, is the author of the idea of ​​lace work Crystal Gregory. So she wants to change the attitudes of residents to their towns. Seeing this delicate handmade “cobweb” even the most inveterate troublemaker is unlikely to rise a hand to throw a cigarette butt or some other garbage.

3518263_gregory2 (600x408, 85Kb)

3518263_gregory1 (600x408, 84Kb)

3518263_gregory3 (600x408, 69Kb)

Install Crystal increasingly appearing in low populated areas, gray and gloomy.

3518263_gregory4 (600x451, 96Kb)

3518263_gregory6 (600x398, 79Kb)