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Strawberry overhead. How to grow berries in Israel.

Garden, Home and garden  |  August 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

This small, bright red berry with the familiar taste of us – in fact, only one plant species, “strawberry” (its Latin name – Fragaria, which means “fragrant, flavorful”), in turn, related to the family Rosaceae.Thanks to the wonderful taste and sensory color and shape, somewhat resembling a heart, strawberries and strawberry are popular for many centuries throughout the world. 
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You can come in handy Israeli experience … strawberry 
Strawberry (strawberry) – this is one of the most popular and lucrative agricultural products. 
This product is constantly in high demand from buyers, especially in the offseason.  
Traditional technologies strawberry is very time consuming and difficult, so few cost-effective 
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Vertical mode of strawberry hydroponics method can achieve maximum productivity for every meter of the greenhouse.
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Hydroponics for the strawberries.
For the strawberry with all the requirements are special techniques based on the cultivation of plants in an artificial substrate for hydroponics.
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Plants are placed in plastic trays specially designed, filled with artificial neutral substrate, which is fed water containing all the necessary components for optimal plant growth. 
The system is equipped with all necessary equipment for preparing the nutrient solution and adjusting the composition of irrigation water. 
Grow strawberries in industrial quantities for a long period of supply to market, it is possible in greenhouses equipped with everything necessary for hydroponics, as well as equipped with automatic climate control. 
Projects are equipped with everything necessary, including the control system, supporting all the necessary parameters for growing plants in an automatic mode. 
adjusting the growth conditions can be regulate the timing of maturation and other parameters associated with the products.
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Cleaning and implementation

Technology allows berries are very high quality, dense, well-transported, maturation and beautiful presentation. 
The main difficulties and costs in the commercial growing of strawberries are associated with its harvest.
Shelving with strawberries placed at a height above ground level 1,70-1,80. Therefore, working under the beds go on foot, and cleaning is carried out without any problems.
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There are even more perverse choices when dipped below the trays, and garbage passes beneath them on a device that looks like a tricycle. It is fixed and boxes, plastic boxes are added to the collected fruit. 
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The proposed technology of harvesting is not a problem, as gutters with plants located at a given height, and workers can move freely under them while collecting berries that cnizhaet tired from work and dramatically increases productivity.
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The ability to easily harvest and packing of fruits collected directly in a container in which fruit is offered for sale significantly reduces labor costs and increase profitability.
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Of course, strawberries are grown in Israel without a shovel, and road building, too. Maybe that’s why strawberries are sweeter and better roads.
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How to eat strawberries?
First of all, with sugar and sour cream (or yogurt). In the English high society decided to feast strawberries and cream (for example, the traditional horse race at Ascot), as well as strawberries and champagne. Of small soft strawberries, sold near the end of the season, you can cook a great jam. Let’s not forget about that strawberries – a welcome component of many desserts such as cakes, mousses, chocolate fondue. Strawberry decorate any fruit (and not just fruit) salad. For example, it can be added to a salad of lettuce, spinach and arugula.

How to choose a strawberry?

Nose and eyes! Try to choose a fragrant fleshy berries without harm, black spots and dents. Another important thing to pay attention – a “crown” of leaves. It is important that the leaves were fresh and fit snugly to the berry. By the way, keep in mind that the average large strawberries usually sweeter. 
The modern strawberry is kept well – provided that it is dry. Check to see if a box of strawberries had no moisture, otherwise the berries will soon begin to rot. And a few more tips. First, rinse the strawberries, and then remove the green leaves. Otherwise, water will penetrate the fruit, and this may not best reflect their taste and texture – they will become watery. For the same reason it is best to wash it under running water in a colander to make it from absorbing water. Wash and cut strawberries should immediately before serving. Keep it relies in the refrigerator, uncovered (ie, letting it “breathe”).Nutrition

Strawberry is one of the most useful products, being extremely rich source of vitamin C. In addition, there are many iron, calcium and other substances. In addition, it low-calorie: 100 g strawberries just 26 calories (of course, if there is it without sugar and cream). At the same time it must be remembered that many, alas, for this berry allergy. Frankly, no words, how could izrailityane vydresirovat Mother nature is a miracle.

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