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Spring Narcissuses.

Other, Spring  |  May 4th 2011  |  0 Comment

Master class from Chayka13 on biser.info/node/127593

For the work you need:
- Beads (preferably transparent, but can be any) 1 faceted bead
- 0,4 mm wire, scissors and pliers
- Monofilament, thread floss, PVA glue, duct for a cocktail.

At work beads and monofilament remove anything failed, therefore, for clarity, I take a thick wire, beads and monstrous all sewn with white thread is …

To begin take a piece of wire and bend a loop. At one end of the tie string and dial the required number of beads. Thread runs under the wire, it bends around and runs through bead number in the opposite direction, More time will pass through a number, rounding the wire so that beads are tightly held in a wire frame. This is the first series.

The most inconvenient place throughout the work – the second series, not yet fixed the beads swing.
Needle OVER wire just one pass Biserko, what would it begin to sew the second row.
Biserko recruit and pass through the first second. Biserko recruit and through a second pass in the third, etc.

… That’s somehow easier to sew me “from myself” … but this does not necessarily …
Thus, these hand-weaving, going through the entire series. At the exit needle OVER wire. Pivoted to a wire loop, go around the wire and thread pass through a series once again turn and repeat the passage of thread through the bead row, pulling the beads to the wire.

Unbroken beads replacing 2 biserok for 1 or 3 to 2.

Here is the number of stitched with the replacement of 3 to 2. He shifted a half-Biserko, painting turns out very dense and smooth. So stitched the top edge of a leaf of white narcissus. In yellow is reduced to 1 Biserko middle leaf. Quietly on a wire sewn techniques and Ndebele mosaic. This can be useful when sewing long leaves.

if you sew a small piece of paper Ndebele, the embroidered fabric on the hands can vdet wire at the extreme ranks of bubbly and fix it on the dec

with a light hand of Alexander (aqvamaris), for which he спасибо, Adding that you can sew on a wire and a brick technique

Leaflet is for other colors can end a wide margin. Tighten the wire, so she lay down exactly on top of the last row of beads and through the top of each stitch beads to the wire. Hide monofilament tails inside bead series, passing from one to another before reaching the edge, so there was no risk of inadvertently catch and pull the monofilament.

For daffodil biserok dial 12 and the upper edge of the leaf to sew, subtracting by 1 Biserko in the series. Leaf finished 2 Biserko. Turn the leaf upside down, attached to the abandoned at the beginning of a tail and sew to the bottom leaf.
12 beads
10 beads
9 beads
8 beads
7 beads
5 beads
4 beads
We finish with two leaf bead and twisting wire tails, pre-straightened embroidered linen.
Total – leaf consists of 19 horizontal rows.
I apologize for not Draw a diagram … … tried to get something unintelligible краснею
According to this schedule sew 6 petals

collect them on a wire

in the mosaic technique lashes ribbon, closed in the ring, one side embroidered in thingies, the other reduces. Of beads and bead collecting serdtsevinku.

Delays serdtsevinki not miss the center of the corolla, and between the beads and fishing line, tying the last ring, at the same distance from each other

These wires pass through between the beads and wire strand on the petals, located across the street. Firmly tighten the wire serdtsevinki and wring them out to whisk flower tightly pressed against the petals. Then, tightly contracted wire on which the assembled petals and wrap one end of the meeting exactly the wire as tightly as possible.

Now the turn of cocktail straws. A flower turns very weighty and large, so a tube should be strengthened and extended. Cut along the two tubes and insert them into the third. That is enough.Now wire bind flower bends into a loop, insert it into a long wire, which is also twist. compresses all pliers. Affliction long wire in the tube

Firmly tighten the wire bends up and punctured a hole in the stalk again skipping inside.

It now remains to stalk tightly, turn to turn, no overlap, wrap the threads of floss and fluff all PVA glue. If there is a need – to paint on top of acrylic paint desired color.

Now, all green leaves. Do daffodils are long and straight. Since they are due to great lengths they have to be heavy stitching on the double wire. By the way, the tails procrastination at work better to combine masking tape, so less will cling monofilament …

Sew leaves behind barbed wire barrels together for a couple of centimeters. Wrap them around the stem and sew the remaining edge free, tightly pulled monofilament. Pierce in a couple of places through the stalk, sewn in such a way leaves to the stem.


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