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Spring flower made of paper: tutorial

Making flower, Paper crafts  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

Sprig of lily

MK do a sprig of lilies.

For manufacturing, we need:

Watercolor paper
Watercolor pencils
Acrylic paint green and yellow
PVA glue
White crepe paper
Tools and Accessories:

Foam pad or soft pad
Stick for scoring, or wand for stamping
Brush glue and paint

1. To begin with, that of the watercolor paper cut out a piece of petals-trehlistnikov one sprig of 15-20 pc, in the heart do not forget to make a hole with an awl.

2. Coloring blanks in the heart of a green watercolor pencil on the petals of crimson.

Feather a wet brush and leave to dry.

3. After drying on every petal draw black dots, I painted archival pen.

4. Now to make the volume put petal face on a pillow or foam pad for embossing and causes scoring or wand for stamping stripes as the pieces of paper or spend at the center of the petal edges to the center.

5. Now we shall cut the wire into segments of 5-10 cm, apply a PVA glue and tightly wrap the striped krepbumagi.

6. For serdtsevinok we need Pat (to make a dough of flour and PVA glue)
At the ends of the wire bends the hook and form a stalemate of serdtsevinku size slightly smaller than a match head.

7. Coloring yellow acrylic paint.

8. Now, collect flowers, apply a base serdtsevinki glue and stringing piece of petals.

For the lilies bloomed in two lobes, the buds – one.

9. Tinting stalks of green acrylic paint.

10. Of green watercolor paper cut leaves of arbitrary shape, attach the volume of both lobes, glue them to the flowers with glue and winds strip krepbumagi.

11. Now from the flowers with leaves collect at first small twigs, connecting on two flowers, and then from small twigs collect more.

12. It now remains to tint the stem with green paint, and twig is ready! :)

Enjoy your creativity!

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