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Spring crafts for gifts

Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Butterflies059Crafty Friday

This craft project was inspired by something almost identical I saw in a fancy shop here in NYC.
It cost almost $500, and I thought to myself, “hey, I can make that”.
And so I did!


Start by printing out butterflies.
I found mine online, simply google butterfly prints and millions comes up.
Cut them out.


Hot-glue or super-glue a small branch to a vintage saucer.


Fold the butterflies a little, so they look more alive and simple hot-glue them all to the branches. Place a glass dome over and voila…. You have a very cool objet D’art of your own. (And it didn’t cost you $500).


Photos by Alexandra Grablewski

Source: sweetpaul.typepad.com