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Soft christmas tree: crochet tutorial

Amirugumi, Christmas's day, Crochet, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts  |  May 18th 2011  |  2 Comments

New Year approaching, and with him his pleasant chores. So many questions, ranging from “What to give?” and ending with “What is to decorate a Christmas tree?”.


Today we will make a soft Christmas tree that can be and put on the table as an ornament and hung on a tree.





• remnants of thread, match the color.

We took the green threads 3 shades of red with glitter, brown.

• hook of appropriate size.

• packing white beads.

• needle and thin thread of tone.

• soft filler for pillows.

• “Golden” waxed thread.




Getting Started:

And the base tree with a trunk and a triangular framework will bind to the scheme below.




A triangular base to knit will the scheme, each number in it will repeat 4 times.


Our Christmas tree will be striped, and each strip is wide, 3 rows.


Strip will alternate in the following sequence: dark green, green, light green.


4 VI closed in the ring, further knit:

• 3 series of 6 sc dark green

• 1 row of 6 sc in green (ie, the number of 6 sc, we repeated 4 times)

• 2 rows of 12 sc green

• 2 rows of 12 sc light green

• 1 row of 18 sc light green

• 3 rows of 18 sc dark green, etc.


At the first left photo – a triangular foundation, connected to 18 sc in the row of dark green.




For decoration, we need a big white beads, thread and needle in tone.

Sew beads to a triangular basis in random order.




Fill a triangular basis of soft filler for pillows.


The base tree with a trunk knit as follows:

• 4 VP somknite in kolecho then provyazhite 3 rows of 6 sc brown thread. This will be the trunk of our tree.

• Next, knit the base of dark green thread on the scheme presented earlier in this article.



To strengthen our base, cut from a cardboard circle with a diameter equal to the diameter is fixed base.


Sew connected to the cardboard base. One row of stitches going around the brown hole, the other – on the outside edge.



It only remains to connect the triangular base and the base of the final row of columns without trebles.



And, of course, pass a golden waxed cord, with which our Christmas Toy will be hung on the tree.


I hope that the technology described above will help you create your own unique soft christmas tree.Solid or striped, decorated with beads or buttons, they are a great gift for your friends and family.


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