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Crochet, Needle crafts  |  June 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Knit crochet slippers

crocheted slippers crochetMany knitters are interested in how to knit slippers crochet and knitting scheme they are looking for crochet slippers and other home footwear.This method of crochet slippers crochet is very easy and accessible to all, read the details and you can contact these slippers for themselves and their home.


You will need : acrylic yarn (250 m/100 g)
40 grams – brown
20 grams – blue
10 grams – purple

№ 4 hook


Knitting slippers with soles begins.Type in a chain of air loops, equal to two thirds the length of the base (pre-clear the measure of the feet. Who will knit).Then knit around the sole of sc evenly adding at the heel and toe.Your foot will be flat oval.Then stop and start to add to knit rise under the scheme: 2 column with yo from each of the second loop.The next series of columns with provyazyvaem yo in the interval between two pairs of columns of the bottom row (see photo below).Every next series begins with three loops rise, while changing the color of yarn.

crochet slippers crochet photos

By analogy with the sole and knit slipper sock upper.First knit chain of air loops of 1 / 3 the length of the foot.Then knit sc around, adding evenly around the edges, so that result is a flat oval.

Next, using strapping “rachim step” join the bulk of the top of the slipper sock, with the edge leaving the cuffs (see photo below)

slipper sock knitting

This method of crochet slippers is very simple and accessible to any needlewomen at least a little familiar with the main types of loops hook.Colors can be combined at will.In these shoes feet in the winter will be warm and cozy.You may want to sew on the outside of the sole of leather insoles – then the sneakers will be more rigid and warm.


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