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Sexy pillow tutorial!

Amirugumi, Crochet  |  May 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

1. Knit own pillow. Exact name of matings did not know, it seems, the British band – one loop is removed (train before the loop), we obtain a double blade.
2. Begin to knit the chest. Right. Or left:)

3. Then begin to diminish. In my case, a chain of 70 loops.

4. a total of 18 series, now diminishes every 5 loop. One chest is ready!

5. Similarly, starting the second ….
6. Both chest fills (what a horror …) and sew. After that fills the pillow. In my case – hollofayber from an old pillow.
To fill the pillow, take off all hinges on 2 needles (by one).

7. And, of course, that his chest, which does not beat a hot love with heart!

8. Close cushion provyazyvaya to 2 loops.
9. Breast should be completed. Completed in the same hook.

10. Now dress the girl. Knitting technology difficult to describe, because the hook picked up probably the second time.

11. It remains to link straps and fill yarns.
12. Finish

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