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Sewing zipper for leater pouches tutorial

Bags, Sewing  |  September 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Leather Pouches with zipper tutorial

Tutorials take a very, very long time to complete.  Sewing tutorials seem to take the longest, and are by far the most complicated, if it is to be done properly.  Even just photographing the process while a friend sews is time consuming, and I found myself getting distracted with chatter and having to go back because I forgot to take a shot of a step.

Mary, the lady with the pretty hands pictured here, is the one that figured out the exact way to sew the pouches to resemble the American Apparel ones.  She needs a blog.  She says it would stress her out too much and I sorta understand.  Anyhow, she patiently sat there one night and figured out how to make the pretty little side tabs that cover the ends of the zipper that give the bags a much cleaner finished look.  She also typed out instructions in a Word document complete with a diagram to pass out at craft night.  She is thorough and detail oriented in a way I’ll never be.  While I’d love to provide those instructions here on the blog and give out the step-by-steps, it also doesn’t feel right since I didn’t do the leg work.  Like I said before, the bag is very simple to make and there are tutorials out there that show you how, but the secret is in the sauce, or rather those side tabs, and I don’t feel right sharing that.  Would you forgive me for that?  If you really want to know though, send me an email :)

I still thought I’d share some pictures though of us working on the bags yesterday.  You see remember when I said craft night didn’t go so smooth?  Well at least half the ladies left without a bag that night because we just got too jammed up and didn’t have time to finish.  On top of that my machine broke that night & we couldn’t figure out how to use the back up that Shelly brought.  Poor Shelly even left without a bag…hers was one of the ones we did finish and it somehow disappeared, just completely vanished.  I’m still so upset wondering what happened to that dang bag.  Lesson learned, no sewing at craft night next time.  Happy day guys!  I’m off to get my boy’s hair cut and then the Aquarium…he starts school on Monday so we’re going on a date!

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