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Sewing Valentine gifts ideas

Soft toys, Valentine's day  |  May 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Too funny stuff, just do not understand where to take the wire and how to strengthen, if I want to repeat that way.

And for this idea can take a billet, bought in hudozhke – canvas and cardboard tolstaya.obtyanutaya zagruntovana.ni very deshevye.Pokryt akrilom.Pugovitsu not find problema.Vot only write so neatly I tried sumeyu.Vchera circuit workout, could not adapt to vydavlivaniyu.On me such a liquid okazalsya.No still something to try.

But the most unpretentious valentine! Just think, where the paper so the paper take? Can someone tell me??

O! Here’s another tricky naryla.S these needs

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