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Sewing tutorial: Handmade Cloth Pantyliners

Sewing  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Handmade Cloth Pantyliners

Sometimes, we are annoyed by the stain on underwear with the vaginal discharge.

This is Cloth Pantyliner to solves such this problem!
I am spending everyday very comfortably with this Cloth Pantyliners. :)

There is a two-absorbent cloth pad structure.Usage is the same as Cloth Sanitary Napkins.For a description of the products, please see here.
I am fully aware that they are very functionally wonderful products for us. It is definitely better than disposable pantyliners because not only is it bodily and environmentally friendly but it also saves you some money. You don’t need to spend a fortune every month on such things.This is a splendid chance to know the cloth sanitary pads! :)
Materials :
Cotton flannel 100%(skin side and absorbent cloth pads)
Double Gauze(Cotton 100% under wear side)
Plastic snaps(wings)
The size is displayed in the picuture.

These are very comfortable to wear and they also convenient to hold everyday. Great!!

And, I also made Cloth Sanitary Napkins for Children.
There is a two-absorbent cloth pad and waterproof sheet structure.
This size is to thin and a bit smaller than Short size(CSN) so use friendly for children.
Also waterproof sheet prevents leakage.
BUT, it can be able to use as Short size for adult.

These are now on sell on my Etsy shop.