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Sewing summer bag

Bags, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

Bag with the fish (even two)

Embroidered squares over the fish, I realized that over the squares need another tissue. Sewed, combining strips of the fabric, quilted so tried to hide, to disguise the seam – a place pritachivaniya.

Details of the bag:
Yes. Front and rear panels, the size of 27h27, see the bottom corners are rounded, the top of the center of the recess – 3,5 cm on each side at the top slants to 1cm.

b. Detail with zipper “zipper” – cut out each strip length 32cm, width 8,5 cm, is shifted as follows: 3.5 cm and 5 cm upper part – 3,5 cm, bottom – 5 cm. Between them, enclosing zip zipper. On the edges of the parts are sewn “tails.” Each “tail” length of 12 cm, width 6cm, ends area.

at. A long piece (not smaller than 90 cm), includes a bottom and side parts. Bottom width of 10 cm, the edges of the narrows to 6 cm.

, the handle length of about 80 cm, width 6cm, ends and crannies, as well as “tails.”

d. 6 laces length of 60 cm each.

Assembling bags.
1. Lining carve out details, such as back and front panel bags. Sew pocket to connect with each panel on the perimeter of zig-zagom.

2. Go to the top of the bag to sew a piece of Velcro “zipper” and “tails.”

Cloth to wrap the seam and sew by hand.

3. For long parts cut out the lining, increasingly the main items on 1,5-2cm.

Find the middle part and from the middle one and the other side stitch detail to each other – a long piece and two panels – the front, with the fish and back.

Oversize (1.5-2cm) long items to wrap and bag to sheathe the seams.
Length of parts and detail of the castle and the trim obstrochit zig-zagom.

4. Remove the bag. Bond between the part and a long piece with the lock.

“Tail” sticking out to wrap up the ends of the details – the long parts and parts with a lock, sew by hand, leaving the crook kulisku for laces.

The handle is easy to change. Instead, you can tie a scarf or shawl.

Thanks to stitch sandwich items have become very dense. Tight seams inside the bag is pulled and the bag is very nice convex-concave.

This bag was coursework, completing my studies in courses stitches Luba.
And now, an amazing thing – Luba each pupil as a gift to send their little book, a great benefit to the design of stitches:


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