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Sewing round bag tutorial

Bags, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 17th 2011  |  1 Comment

The diameter and thickness of the bag – a matter of taste, in my case, the thickness (margin) will be about 5 cm and the diameter of a classic – “supnaya plate + 7 cm.

1. Of the five colors of fabric, imitating suede, canvas 90h40 collect see
Strips sewn lapped, pristrachivaya thick zigzag.Threads sectional, three colors alternately.Finished canvas from the inside prokleivayu interlining.
Cut out with a plate circle diameter of 26 cm and a band for marginalia, approximately 6 x 65 cm

2. Then cut out the orange fabric light banding two circle diameter of 33 cm
A group of prokleivayu interlining.
Second round seal plump orange cloth (for cleaning floors) and stitch them together triple zigzag.

Called triple zigzag stitch or even multizigzagom tights – used for knitting and other stretch fabrics that can shrink.

3. Suede circle (diameter 26 cm) with a hot iron and pasting glue spider on an orange circle with interlining (diameter 33 cm) obstrachivayu suede circle around the perimeter of a zigzag thread in tone.

4. Cut out exactly the same circles with a diameter of 33 cm from the lining fabric.
I recommend to take the finished lining, padding polyester quilted on.I quilted my own, placing the density of the green cloth.
Sewn inside pockets: on the one hand, two open (the edge of the pockets trimmed with braid cotton Bake), on the other – with a zipper.

Circles’ Top + lining “to lay down in pairs, seamy side to each other, sostrochit on the edge, the edge obrovnyat.
Attention!Suede (personal) terms combined with a lining so that the band went on a diagonal – a ready bag then looks interesting.

5. Because of the outlandish colors decided to sew the handle of cloth bags, although easier to sew ready belt, picked him up for bloom.Lane 14h125 cm prokleivayu interlining and press out four times (open cuts in).Pave the inside adhesive mesh, priutyuzhivayu hot iron.Triple zigzag stitch along the edges of the belt.
Important!- Both times to stitch in one direction, then strap Do not tilt.

6. Worked locking straps.Its length should be less than a semicircle in a bag ready, otherwise the bag will be balanced on a strap, like a clown on a tightrope.Cut out strips, in this case 31h8 cm prokleivayu interlining, smoothing twice.The same length rigelin have put inside, into the fold.As such, the strap nastrachivaetsya the castle.
Important!Convexity rigelina orient to the front side of the castle.

7. This is such an arc must get a result.

Rigelin – an artificial alternative to whale usu.Used as fixatives secondary fixation in flexible and inexpensive corsets and corsets, dresses for ballroom dancing, etc.In commercially available rigelin black and white of various widths: 8, 12, 14 mm.Sold on footage.Used successfully in the “samoshityh” bags.

8. Carve margin-bottom, the same strip of suede fabric and lining fabric, 6 cm, length about 75 cm
And here’s the most interesting verse of our song!One shot kills four birds with one stone!For this stage we need a trained strap, lock and two bands bokovushek (suede and the lining) and rigelin.

9. Castle to cut flush with the straps, belt and lock embedded between the strips and bokovushek prostrochit at a distance of 1cm.
Produce a tail strap about 3 cm

10. For clarity, broke this stage in the two photos.
Between the bands bokovushek and sew the entire length of the plastic “bone” (rigelin).In the future, it does not bend round the bag inside.With a wide bottom bag (8-16 cm) sewn two-lane pitted.Should get a long “snake”.

11. On the front side prostrochit envelope-square, we are consolidating these tail belt.

12. Prepared strap lock to align to the width of bokovushek.

13. Surpluses regilina not yet cut away.

14. Focusing on the top edge of pocket, we find on suede round the vertical axis.
Combine the top point to the center of the castle.

15. Sew margin to the circle, putting them face to face – it is more convenient to scribble on the margin.

16. Sutures are not dostrachivaem to the end.
In the open sections insert the free end of the belt and repeat the first part of paragraph 14; rigelin shortened; strip lining tuck manually, and then pristrochit.

17. Half-bag ready.
Here’s what this “drum” from the inside …

18. … And the face.

19. Connecting seam handle oblique borders.

20. Focusing on the axis of the pockets, sew the second round.Do not forget to open the lock, and only then sew parts.Connecting suture also handle oblique borders.
(Prose life – fabric is not enough, I had to take a different color.)

Tip!Can someone come in handy trick for my nastrachivaniya oblique Bakey: typewriter move it to the left edge of the table, the bag is “hanging” on the free arm.

Bag ready.I quote a classic: “Get everyone on” Tambourine! “Sew your health!
In this bag are many variations: the pockets on the back, crazy, beads, fringe on the bottom, double handles nastrochennye on both circles, cut off the tip.On margin you can write blocks, stretch cord and embroidered on the bag anchor.1001 version!Here are some of these options!

PS For the most diligent and accurate attach a sketch – the second is a “clean” way of sewing zippers in the bar.Naturally with bones (rigelinom).

Good luck,

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