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Sewing patterns: Goldilocks & the 3 Bears Finger Puppets — TUTORIAL

Felt, Sewing  |  October 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

Sewing patterns: Goldilocks & the 3 Bears Finger Puppets — TUTORIAL

Whew! After a short break from my finger puppets, here is the next installation:

I just love these guys!!! Once again I just used “stuff” I had on hand — you can certainly replace items in my supply list with whatever you’ve got!
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Finger Puppets Pattern


~ Brown fleece
~ Black felt/fleece scrap or beads for bear noses
~ Black seed beads for eyes
~ Fleece for G’s skin
~ Yarn for G’s hair
~ Large-eyed needle (for yarn)
~ Small amount of fiberfil or cotton balls, for stuffing
~ Printed patterns (on cardstock if possible)

STEP ONE: Fold your brown fleece right sides together, Place pattern on top, and sew around. After turning the bears right side out, and before stuffing their heads, I topstitched around the rims of their ears.

STEP TWO: Noses! Cut a circle of fleece 2″ in diameter. Attach your nose to the center of the circle. (I found some tiny “safety” noses I’ve had for ages and used those.)

Pinch the circle below the nose…

…like this. Sew a few stitches starting at the edge of the circle and head up towards the nose.

You will pinch a little more of the excess above the nose (I didn’t do quite as much as I did below the nose) and continue your stitching to the top edge of the snout. Tie a knot here, but don’t cut your thread yet.

STEP THREE: Attach your bear‘s snout, starting at the top, and go all the way around. I added the tiniest bit of fiberfil, but mostly the fleece folds inside the snout did the job. I used the same thread again to attach the seed bead eyes!

I used a scrap of diagonally-striped ribbon for Papa Bear’s tie, some pearl beads for Mama Bear’s necklace, and a Barbie baby bottle for Baby Bear. I just love how my bears turned out!!