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Sewing patterns: fabric lunch wrap in 5 easy steps and just 15 mins!

Bags, Sewing  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

ou can make a fabric lunch wrap like this in 5 easy steps and just 15 mins!



Perfect for sandwiches, and also doubles as a mini picnic mat:
This size fabric wrap is perfect for a single ’round’ of sandwiches, a bun or a slice of quiche.  You can simply make a bigger or smaller square for different sized snacks or lunches.

How to make your own:

Step 1.
Cut 2 squares of fabric 26.5cm square.
1 for outer fabric
1 ripstop nylon for inner fabric
 (this fabric can be wiped easily after use as it is waterproof)
1 piece sew in velcro 8cm long.
Step 2.
Pin one piece of the velcro to a corner of each square diagonally – like this:
Stitch around all four edges of the velcro to secure.


Step 3.
Place the squares right sides together with the velcro at opposite corners.
Then pin and stitch around all 4 sides with a 3/8″ seam, leaving a gap open of around 8cm on one side.


Step 4.
Snip the corners off close to the stitching:
Turn the squares right side out through the gap you left in the stitching, and press flat.


Step 5.
Topstitch close to the edge around all 4 sides:
And your fabric sandwich wrap is finished!
You can make all sorts of colours and sizes:


To make the perfect picnic:


Then when the food is gone, just gently wipe the inside of the wraps with a damp cloth, or if they need more of a clean, just throw them in the washing machine!
Source: jembellish.blogspot.com