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sewing lotus tutorial

Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  May 17th 2011  |  0 Comment

Flowers of the community fabric


Cardboard cut five patterns. Diameter can be any, depending on what size you want to make a flower and how many tissues. Reducing the size of each 1-1,5 cm


Carve out from the tissue in 5 circles of each diameter. The fabric is better to take the fine, then to the hole in the center was less. From green tissue cut out the leaves, the size of any.


Take slices of the same diameter. Fold one in half, then again in half. Get the triangle. Hide in the crook of a knot (double thread), 1.2 stitches to fix and collect the small triangle stitches on 0,5 cm from the edge, pulled away.


Without taking a thread and not fixing it, attach a second triangle, third, etc. The folds need to look in one direction, starting with the best of that region, where two of them.


Collect the petals in a circle, gently pull up more and bond with the first petal.


Collect as all the circles by size. Leaves – each separately.


Fold the circles of petals on each other, bonded thread at several locations, can be glued together. Decorate the middle of a beads, beads, buttons – anyone that there is. From the bottom to attach the leaves. Here’s our flower and ready!

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