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Selling handmade crafts online

Embroidery, Jewelry making  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

The Etsy shop is back to life! (and a craft fair is coming up)

After nearly a year of inactivity I brought the shop back to life: http://haworth.etsy.com.


Crafty jewelry and gifts

THANK YOU all for your awesome ideas on this post. I know I owe many of you emails and custom items and will make good on that after I survive the show I’m doing this Saturday, December 5.


If you’re in Sacramento, please stop by, do your holiday shopping and support one of our local elementary schools.

Cowan Elementary

First Annual Gift Fair

Saturday, December 5

10 a.m.-3 p.m.

3350 Becerra Way (Whitney Ave/Beccera Way)


I’ll have loads of felted, embroidered rocks (can’t stop!) as well as wood ornaments like the ones shown here and several other goodies I haven’t shared yet.

And although I’m several days late for Thanksgiving, thank you for stopping by and reading this little ol’ blog. I appreciate it!

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