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Round Chinese buttons

Beading and knotting, Knotting  |  May 31st 2011  |  0 Comment


Kruglk for “Chinese” buttons are used welt and air loops and loops of string .

The manufacture of such buttons suited rulik fabric on the bias yarns with a cord inside, because due to the volume it is easy to take any form. Round “Chinese” buttons are made ​​of one or more rulikov. In order for sites to get a neat, take a lighter fabric.


Of the two rulikov 3 mm get a round button at 2 cm from one – a 1.3-cm rulika requires two pieces of cord length of 61 cm and a width of 2.5 mm and two pieces of light fabric on the bias size of 2.5 x 30 , 5 cm

How do rulik fabric on the bias yarns with a cord inside


Wrap the cord into the fabric, aligning the slices. Prostrochite along the cord, using a large stitch and presser foot vtachi-tion “lightning”. Sew the cord to the end of the strip cross-stitch. Trim the seam allowances on.Taking the fabric over the edge, pull it into the public portion of the cord, turning on the front side. Cut the fabric and sewed the end of extra cord.


1) Make rulik fabric on the bias with a cord inside. For each of buttons from one rulika (a) the need to cut a length of 30,5 cm or two of these segments for the buttons of the two rulikov (b).




4) Prodernite long end through the loop obtained.




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